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Aim of the study

The Institute for the equality of women and men aims to obtain an up-to-date overview of the situation of transgender people in Belgium, and of the discrimination and inequality they face.

The results of the study will allow for the Institute for the equality of women and men to be able to handle complaints about discrimination more efficiently, and to develop better policies for trans people and efficient recommendations towards the government, individuals, companies and institutions.

For whom?

This questionnaire is aimed at all trans people*, living in Belgium and aged 16 years or older.  All people who are gender variant, genderqueer, gender non-binary, engage in cross-dressing or are transgender (in the broadest possible sense) or transsexual are invited to participate. Even if you don’t refer to yourself in these terms, but do recognise related feelings, we invite you to complete this questionnaire as honest as possible.

* In this questionnaire, the general terms “trans person/trans people” are employed to cover the entire spectrum of transgender, transsexualism, transvestism… as a gendered experience. The main objective is to keep the questions short to be able to address everyone using the same term and avoid excluding anyone.

How to fill out the questionnaire?

Between 4 May and 30 June, you can fill out the anonymous questionnaire in Dutch, French or English. The questionnaire takes about 40 minutes to complete. All of the answers remain strictly confidential and no details will ever be published (such as your place of work) which would enable other people to identify you.

Please answer the questions as accurately and fully as possible according to your current situation, i.e. as they apply to you now. The progress bar indicates the stage you have reached in completing the questionnaire. It is not possible to pause the questionnaire and continue later on, so please make sure you have time without being disturbed.

By whom?

The questionnaire was designed by the Transgender Information Centre (Centre for Sexology and Gender, Ghent University Hospital) together with the Centre for Research on Culture and Gender (Ghent University) and the research group on Citizenship, Equality and Diversity (CED) (University of Antwerp). This research project is guided by an advisory committee, including transgender organisations.


The final research results will be published in 2018. The results of this study will be compared with the results of the first study of its kind in 2007, which was titled ‘Being transgender in Belgium’.  If you want to keep track of the results, feel free to contact us or follow us on facebook.

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